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01, customized service
Targeted customized services are available to clients of all sizes. Including injection molding machines that are customized and supplied with different throughputs according to customer needs.

02, equipment installation and debugging
After the completion of the manufacturing, the shipment will be arranged. Before the equipment arrives at the project site, after the installation is completed, the project will be commissioned and trial production. At the same time, the installation and commissioning phase is also an important stage of personnel training.

03. Staff training
Provide a complete phased personnel training service, so that the operator is familiar with the working principle of each equipment, equipment performance, parameters, how to adjust the operating parameters through the control system, equipment startup and shutdown procedures, etc., the customer can complete the equipment operation and parameters independently. Adjustments and routine maintenance of equipment.

04, after-sales service
After the equipment is accepted and delivered, our company will provide technical follow-up after-sales service to the customer. Through the Internet and other technical means to timely track the operation of the site, to provide timely and effective data analysis, troubleshooting, technical guidance and other services.